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satellite 2 @ Redemption '09

Roger <beep> , 3 of the committee members and Simon attended Redemption 09 in Coventry. Satellite 2 was well represented at the con. Christine give a talk on forensic science in fact and fiction which consisted of telling everyone how forensic science was really done then everyone laughing like a drainpipe at CSI clips of how not to do it. The talk was at 10 o’clock in the morning, but she still pulled in a pretty good crowd of about 80 people. I think they were there to find out clues of how to get away with murder!


Michael hosted the latest ‘Deface the Music’, an SF-based music quiz, with much appreciated help from Christine and Simon. In a close contest, Odyssey, led by Gaspode, won the quiz (finally!). The audience came last – one of their poorest showings ever.

 Colin and Simon re-ran Elf’s game from Satellite 1 – ‘Finding Uranus (with both hands)’, a blindfolded, and generally random, tour of the universe. It was programmed at a crappy time so not many people turned up for it. It did not help when several people told us they thought it was a Slash item and stared away deliberately!


Roger, meanwhile, was off helping Dexter the Dinosaur in his bid to become Ruler of the Universe. Dexter poled a disappointing number of votes, probably due to the fact the Brigade Leader Lethbridge-Stewart and his evil henchmen of the RSF party were putting the frighteners on everyone who did not vote for his Freedom Party, a blatant piece of election gerrymandering.

 We also ran a convention desk which generated a lot of interest and a few promises to attend Satellite 2. There was a panel on future cons which gave us more opportunity to make our pitch.

 All in all a great con and great fun had by all! Big thanks to Steve Kilbane and his committee for all their work putting it together.

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