Nik Whitehead (sharikkamur) wrote in satellite_2,
Nik Whitehead

Illustrious - a bid for Eastercon2011

At the Novacon opening ceremony on Friday it was announced that there is at least one definite bid for Eastercon 2011 - Illustrious.

This is brought to you by a committee comprising Chris O'Shea (the_magician), Nik Whitehead (sharikkamur), John Dowd, Fran Dowd (frandowdsofa), John Harrold, David Mansfield, and Hayley Fazzani (quasi_hayley), aided and abetted by several others and would be held at the Hilton Metropole at the NEC in Birmingham (the DiscworldCon hotel).

It will have the normal wide-ranging programme (organised by Dave) but will have two themed streams - SF through the decades and Military SF.

There is a eastercon2011 community where discussions about the Eastercon 2011 (not just about the Illustrious bid) occasionally take place. The bid website is at, and there is also a Facebook event (Illustrious2011) for the bid.

We are NOT taking pre-supporting memberships (it just makes the book-keeping complicated) so memberships will only be available if we win the bid at Odyssey next year. Nevertheless, if you want to get involved then please come and join the discussions on the eastercon2011. More news, ideas and discussions will occur when the rest of the bid committee get back from Novacon.


Nik (Co-chair)
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