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Guests oh Honour and Fan faces.

As planned dalg and I went to see Iain M Banks and Ken McLeod at aye_write. We even handed out flyers for satellite_2.

"What did they talk about?" I hear you cry.

They each read a section from their most recent books.
They talked about how they met at High School and how Iain used to go round to Ken's house and tell him the whole plot of books he intended to write. Interesting story of how Ken suggested that Use of Weapons should have one story going forward and another going back. As Use of Weapons is one of my favourite books of all time, this was fascinating stuff.
When it came to questions dalg and I shut well up and hence avoided being uncool in front of loads of people. There were loads of people wanting to ask questions. This was fortunate as, as Ken has pointed out before, Sci-fi fans ask questions just to be polite and we would have been compelled by the laws of fandom if no one had put up their hands.
Iain asked Ken if he would ever write a mainstream novel and Ken said that he'd tried but the sci-fi just kept creeping in despite his best intentions.
And someone asked Iain if he chose character names by pulling letters out a scrabble bag. Iain replied that he'd tried that, but then everyone came out Polish.

We went round afterwards to get books signed and we were all cool, till Ken recognised dalg from satellite_1 and he went all embarrassed then I introduced myself to Iain as treasurer of satellite_2 and he shook my hand and I got all unnecessary. We then had to beat a hasty retreat to the pub as we were both overwhelmed by then and in need of a small refreshment.

I thought I'd grown out of it, like travel sickness, but no, I'm still a grinning idiot in front of famous people.
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